Riverside Writers of Wirral. Creative Writing in West Kirby, Wirral, England.

Riverside Writers are an enthusiastic and informal group who live and work on the Wirral Peninsula in Cheshire, England. They meet each month in West Kirby Library at 7:30pm, where they hold workshops, set group writing projects and offer constructive guidance. See below for the latest meeting information.

October 28th 2019

Our project for October is: New Beginnings. It can be anything new:  ... friendship, ...chapter, ....career, ...
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September 30th 2019

Our project for this September is: The Passion That Drives Me, The Ambition That Calls. Your ...
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August 19th 2019

Our project for this August is: A story or poem that features a Walking Stick ( ...
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The group was formed in 1998, and its members include published authors plus absolute beginners, people who are developing writing careers and people who write purely for fun. Non-fiction writers, poets and fiction writers of all genres are equally welcomed.

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The group also annually hosts public events, when members read their own original poetry and fiction to lively audiences.

  • Chair: Peter Caton.
  • Treasurer: Andy Siddle.
  • Website: Ian Whiteley.

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Riverside Writers’ Aims:

1) To encourage people to write.

2) To offer constructive, polite criticism of each others’ work with the intention of improving writing skills.

3) To offer useful advice about the publishing industry.

4) To encourage use of the Internet as a networking tool.

5) To provide a friendly and informal atmosphere where writers of all genres and abilities can socialise.