Our project for this May is a topical and much-talked about issue: Conservation: Saving the planet. Think about urban planning: How would you design a city of the future? Our task: To write a story or poem based on one or more of the 10 key principles listed in the article by National Geographic (see link below). Make it serious and political; mysterious and murderous; satirical and comical; or true-life and personal. But it must be about Conservation. Click below for the link to the article in National Geographic. As an added attraction: this time we’ll vote on each other’s work. Whose has the most impact?Read More →

Our project for this April is: Secrets! Write a story or a poem – It is up to you. If you have something else that you would like to read out, then please bring it along. (Please remember that time is limited. We need to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to read out their work) Start time: 7:30 pm prompt. Please note that it may be difficult to gain access to the meeting if you arrive late. See you there.Read More →

This page lists the meetings for 2019. Please call back regularly for the latest information. Please Note: We ask those that attend meetings for £2.50 towards the cost of hiring the room. RIVERSIDE MEETINGS 2019 January 28th February 25th March 25th April 29th May 20th (bank holiday 27) June 24th July 29th August 19th (bank holiday 26) September 30th October 28th November 25th December 30th  Read More →