Where Are We? What has politics evolved into now? where are those that care? Really care? not of career, but of consequence, not of loosing face. but of conscience, of compassion Do they compare with those of the past? when disasters were new, enquiry earnest, lessons learned, did people serve then? put things right, move on? Where are they now that care of need not of headline where are they now that favour justice not rhetoric. Where they ever there? Where are we now? with only demagogues to vote for? Poem by Barry Quatermass © 2019Read More →

Rule of Law what you try to do is a terrible crime so your going down for a very long time Your rhythm is dodgy your stories absurd people need protecting from your rhyming word some time in the clink should help you compose so that we hear no more of your clunky prose, and people can read without any fears you’r going down for at least five long years thats not at all fair” why kind of sentence is this? the judge simply said “why? its Poetic Justice”. Poem by Barry Quatermass © 2019Read More →

One Day One day I might write something dark, but today is not that day. Not whilst Royden is so inviting, resplendent, peaceful. Not as I witnessed the yellow of the gorse and the rape so vibrant. I thought of a song at that moment. Every shade of green visible, against a blue sky, peppered with cotton wool clouds. Liverpool’s dockland cranes appear majestic but distant. A pleasant full stop on the north horizon. Look left; still wind turbines decorate the skyline. But why are they still? A wren singing tunefully with a strength that belies its tiny form. A kestrel hovers leading the eyeRead More →

All There Is All there is, in broad estuary afforded to the Irish Sea fresh water flows, beyond the Dee As it runs and swirls out past Hilbre As a paradise is left behind as stillness fills in unconfined. as beach and Island strollers find a tranquil beauty, peace of mind As everything in our estuary is afforded to an Irish Sea As the water pours into her brack And as nourished flow finds its way back As cliffs define its golden shore enclosing seal, bird, sail and oar. They combine in serene rapport A peace that leaves you wanting more As seabirds fill itsRead More →

Motivator Innovator Captivator Game Changer These are the skills we are looking for. The people: self-propelled. You’ll need to Add a splash of colour to a deeply boring world; Inject a shot of life into a slowly dying world; Raise the expectations of a headless, aimless world; Lighten up the darkness in a sad, depressing world. The pay? Great pride and satisfaction. It’s yours: you’ll start today? Poem by Peter Caton © 2019Read More →

Inspired by a picture of a crowded escalator People coming, People going, Each, a story, Of shame or glory? Each a face Within a race; Without a name Or claim to fame? Hiding well So you can’t tell Their fears and factions, Dire reactions! But no! They’re all wonderful, I find; Amazing stories, Golden-lined, like us, With humour, drama, Clandestine! How wonderful, Remarkable, Our storyline – Yes, yours and mine. Poem by Peter Caton © 2019  Read More →

To a writer: We are skilful, we are watchful, Creators of a world that has no bounds. And worlds beyond? Yes, worlds beyond our comprehension and our reason: that will not fit into a shape acceptable, nor space, nor time, nor answer to reason or rhyme. Yet are we not thrilled at what we see and hear, fulfilled at being drawn into a dream-come-true? Yes, we can build these worlds, can paint these worlds, can plant these worlds in people’s minds. And why would we do that? You need a reason?   Poem by Peter Caton © 2019Read More →

City Stories: Tales of modern Liverpool Published 2013 ISBN: 9781310916939 Love, terror and 21st century life! From the heart of cosmopolitan Liverpool come nine thrilling views of modern living. Blood-drinkers, killers and secrets. Old sorrows and new beginnings. The light and dark of human life set against the glittering backdrop of a reinvigorated city. City Stories. Tales of life today. Pick up your FREE copy here!Read More →

Seaside Stories: Tales of Modern Liverpool Published 2012 ISBN: 9781301150069 Romance, heartache, treachery and death! Eighteen stories and poems inspired by the sea, from a group of imaginative writers who live surrounded by water on the Wirral peninsula in England.   Featuring: Tim Hulme Andy Siddle Peter Caton Nikki Bennett Ruth Ann Titley Adele Cosgrove-Bray   Pick up your FREE copy here!  Read More →

A collection of links to other creative work produced by members of our group: Events around Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Book-signing events –  Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Competitions –  Wirrral, Liverpool and Chester: Tools –  Links to useful online resources:Read More →